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Prior to its Create the Web conference rolling into London, Adobe hosted a round-table event to discuss the challenges facing today’s designers and how open standards are stepping up to meet them. Martin Cooper took a seat

There has never been a more challenging, exciting or rewarding time to be involved with web creativity. Technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 are affording designers and developers opportunities like never before. Of course, this rise in technical possibility is fuelling ever-escalating expectations among users. They expect rich experiences, whatever the device on their desktop or in their pocket or hand. And you can be sure that as hardware continues to develop, shifts shape and gets ever smaller, the hunger for brilliance will continue to gnaw.

To embrace and energise this wave of change and possibility, Adobe has taken its Create the Web conference on a world tour. The event’s mission is simple: to promote and progress the debate about standards-based design. The London session promised keynotes and technical presentations from speakers of the calibre of Divya Manian, Sally Jenkinson of Lightmaker, Lee Brimelow, Grant Skinner and Michal Chaize. Create the Web also promised to be a forum for discussion about Adobe’s

Edge Tools and Services.

On the eve of the show’s London leg, Adobe hosted a round-table debate. Along with some of the business’s most forward thinkers, we made ready in a basement just off London’s Oxford Street. With the camera rolling, lights blazing and mineral water flowing, we set to discussing the state of web creativity and its immediate future.

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