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Join more than 7 million people who use MailCampaign to design and send 500 million emails every day.

Subscriber profiles

Get insight about your subscribers and keep your contacts in one place with subscriber profiles. Click someone's name to see appointment, website activity, and more.
Add notes and one-to-one conversations to profiles, so you can remember who your customers are. And you can access it all from desktop or mobile, so it's easy to add notes when you're out and about meeting new people.

Automation and personalization

Campaign helps you email the right people at the right time. Send automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences. Get started with pre-built Workflows or use our built-in segmentation and targeting options to build custom rules. And get in-depth reporting on how each of your automated series is performing. Our tools help you learn more about your customers and send them timely, relevant content.

eCommerce360 link tracking

Track visitors to your website from your MailCampaign campaigns, capture order information, and pass that information back to MailCampaign. Then you can view purchase details, conversions, and total sales on the reports page. You can also set up segments based on your subscribers' buy activity.

Advanced analytics

In addition to the reports that come with every account, we offer lots of advanced reporting options that you can access from anywhere.
Monitor sales and website activity with income reports. With Google Analytics, you can inform your email content with purchase data and more.

Flexible design options for teams of all sizes

Add content and collaborate on campaigns that fit your brand, using our Email Designer. Want to build your own email? Check out our email template reference.

Send anytime, anywhere

MailCampaign is a fully responsive app, so you can use it wherever and whenever you want to. And we have a suite of mobile apps to support you.
Access your MailCampaign account from your phone with MailCampaign Mobile. Check your reports, add notes about a contact, or send a campaign when your team is finished working on it.

Do more with integrations

MailCampaign integrates with hundreds of web services, so you can expand on our built-in features and sync customer data to use in your automated emails.


DIY MailCampaign may appear, but for most people it is a process filled with pitfalls.


Price list

Getting Started with MailCampaign

MailCampaign offers simple tools that make it easy to design and share email campaigns, handle your subscriber lists, and track results—even if you've never built an email before. In this article, we'll outline some essentials about how to use MailCampaign and link to capital that can help you as you work.

Small business
Email per month - unlimited
0 - 500
INR 2,516
501 - 1000
INR 3,776
1001- 1500
INR 5,036
1501 - 2000
INR 6,296
2001 - 3000
INR 10,060

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Growing business
Email per month - unlimited
3001 - 5000
INR 12,596
80,001- 85,000
INR 1,07,088
85,001 - 90,000
INR 1,13,388

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High volume sender
Email per month - unlimited
90,000 - 100,500
INR 100,000
100,001 - 105,000
INR 85,000
105,001 - 110,000
INR 90,000

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