Dika College

With its own name deriving from a famous Malay proverbial term that means to educate young children, Dika college has impacted the lives of many young children with the gift of education. In Dika, they firmly believe in embracing the educational advancements from time to time, in order to give the best quality education that every kid deserves.

Informative website for admission support

Graphic Design, Website Design & Digital Marketing


With our experience in website designing and other digital solutions for education industry, we have built an elegant and informative website. Also, we integrated their school management software to their website, with specified customizations made based on geographic perspective.


Integration of school software to the website and geographic perspective customizations improved the school’s reputation and significantly increased the percentage of admission from same and other countries. Informative website made it easier for both parents and students to access and analyze information about the school standards and services.

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